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IvyMedia Corporation Issues Initial Statement about FMSCA’s Subpoena

June 4, 2011

News, 2011

IvyMedia Corporation (aka GotoBus.com and TakeTours.com), the leading online company for bus and tour ticketing services, acknowledges that the company received a subpoena from FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) last Friday.

At this time, we want to clarify that IvyMedia Corporation does not own or operate the ‘2001bus.com’ website. A simple ‘whois’ check would find the correct ownership of 2001bus.com. Many media reports have published the false information to the public. We urge relevant news publishers to correct this mistake immediately.

IvyMedia Corporation is an e-commerce company and operates its online business in bus ticketing (gotobus.com) and tour ticketing (taketours.com) as expedia.com in airline ticketing and hotels.com in hotel ticketing. IvyMedia Corporation does not operate any bus or tour. IvyMedia currently works with several hundreds of bus, tour, hotel, helicopter operators or ticketing wholesalers/distributors for bus and tour ticketing services in the US, Europe, Asia, South America and Mid-East.

About IvyMedia Corporation

IvyMedia Corporation, aka GotoBus.com and TakeTours, partners with over 300 bus and tour operators worldwide, including many Chinatown Bus. Full schedules and ticketing information can be found online.

GotoBus/TakeTours are the leading online marketplaces for bus tickets, tours, and sightseeing activities. The GotoBus/TakeTour online booking system, similar to those used by major airlines, makes it easy for travelers to quickly compare schedules, prices, and pickup/drop-off locations for over 300 bus and tour companies. GotoBus.com and TakeTours.com are the fastest growing gateways for bus travel on the Internet. In February 2007, The Washington Post featured GotoBus.com as one of the best travel websites and named it ‘Best of the Web’ in the ‘Motorcoaches’ category.